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First Name * omaikel
Last Name * alfaro
Username * alfamike88
Country * USA
City Miami
Nationality cuban
Languages EnglishSpanish



Availability: Freelance


ABOUT ME . (Bio / Education / Work History)


Born in Cuba 10/21/1988 and Raised in Miami Fl since the age of five. I graduated from Fullsail in the fall of 09 .I have worked as a digital artist and stereoscopic animator for Digital Domain for the past two years. Prior to that, I worked as an animator at Zero Fractal Studios for over a year. My attention to detail and determination to submit only first-rate material have made me fortunate to be assigned advanced and diverse shots by my supervisors and leads at both companies. I am frequently crewed on projects that require special care and time restrictions because of my ability to keep a cool head.
Although I started in the Stereo Department at Digital Domain, the VFX team quickly took a special interest in my remarkable talents bringing me over to join them on Major Motion Picture projects including Rock of Ages, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Silver Linings Playbook. The high standard I hold myself to along with my diverse skill set has made me a valuable resource in both of the companies for which I’ve worked. I am always conscious of the budgets of my shots and am able to turn them around on time.

I have been a student of animation since I was young and studied the different techniques and skills it would take to be a part of a team to accomplish such magic on a big screen. I am very passionate about my work and have a huge will to learn and be taught. Wither trough constructive criticisms or passed on knowledge from a mentors

Outside of work:
I am a fun loving,people person, who likes to kick back and hang with friends and family. Very active Individual, who loves to motivate others to move around and do something or make use of their time and have fun at it.

Hobbies include fishing, sports, gym, drawing, swimming/snorkeling, reading paintball and hanging out with friends and family.


Graduated from Full sail University (10/2/09) with a degree in computer animation. While at full sail, I majored in Animation as well as minored in modeling.


Currently available for work

DDMG Feb 2011 - Sept 2012

*Worked as a Digital Artist:
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Rock Of Ages
Nissan Summer Commercial
Sliver linnings Playbook
Jack the giant killer
Ender's Game
Undisclosed Projects

*Worked as a Stereoscopic Animator on:
Transformers 3

Zero Fractal (10/09-05/10), I did several animation for clients websites and web presence. Also worked on product visualizations and photo real renderings. was in charge/ head of most pipeline elements such as animation ,rendering , rigging ,vfx and lighting.

Recent freelance clients:

Avianca Airlines
Oval construction inc.
E.A.M Whole Fitness
Doctor Misael
Doctor Rene Andino
Spa Alternatives
United Physicians of South Florida
Zero Fractal Miami
Sweet Expression Photography